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Monday Mar 11, 2013

France and Ireland draw for second consecutive year

France and Ireland draw for second consecutive year

France came from behind to draw 13-13 with Ireland as they avoided a fourth straight defeat, but are still without a win with one game left in this years Six Nations championship. The two teams drew their Six Nations meeting last year too.

Paddy Jackson showed his temperament as he kicked Ireland, who had beaten France just once in their last 13 attempts, to a 10 point halftime lead after a Jamie Heaslip try. 

Morgan Parra pulled things back in the second half before Louis Picamoles drove over with just six minutes left on the clock. Frederic Michalak levelled things up with the conversion.

“It was a very tough game. Picamoles took his chance well at the end and did well despite our best efforts,” said deflated skipper Jamie Heaslip post match.

“It wasn’t the prettiest game to watch. I suppose the score reflected the game,” he added.

While the pressure on both coaches will have intensified with the result, France have just one point from this year’s competition so must get a result in Paris next weekend to avoid picking up the wooden spoon.  It would be their first last place finish in the championship since 1999. 

Time: 4:37
Credit: rbs6nations


  • frenchie
    9:10 PM 13/03/2013

    @ Reality it's rugby mate, players contest the ball, push each others. Debaty is way bigger than Earles that's why he lost the contest; for me there is no infringement, the "push" stayed within what is allowed. A close call though.

  • felipeg
    1:51 PM 13/03/2013

    Haven't seen the game, but well the Scot/wal one. Happy to hear that this was better. Indeed, Joubert was a complete shame again.

  • conorl
    2:32 AM 13/03/2013

    I may be in the minority here, but I actually thought this was a pretty decent game, given the conditions. It had a fraction of the mistakes and handling errors of the Ireland v England game in similar conditions, and it was certainly a damn sight better than the muck served up by Scotland, Wales and Mr. Joubert immediately before it! Immense physicality, players hurling themselves into rucks, mauls and tackles with reckless abandon and with no regard for their own well being, bodies strewn all over the pitch, a sprinkling of controversy and drama, and the outcome of the game in the balance right up to the final whistle. What more could you ask for? Finally, as it was probably his last home game for Ireland, a special mention to Brian O'Driscoll. No player has ever given more to the cause than he, and if this is to be his last game, then what a way to go. Seeing him being helped from the field battered, bloodied and concussed (accompanied by a standing ovation and the tears of his wife!), only to somehow find the will to limp back onto the field 5 minutes later to see out the match, was truly inspiring. Body broken, but Spirit unbowed. Legend

  • reality
    10:20 PM 12/03/2013

    Are you joking? So when just before Earls gets to the ball Debaty clearly pushes him and then goes to ground falling away from the ball and into Earls's path, you don't think that's him unfairly interefering with Earls? He really couldn't have interfered more with him. Why did he go from running in a straight line parallel to the touchline to falling over the touchline? If he was going for the ball, then he would have run towards the ball, instead of changing his angle to run right into Earls's path.

  • sankeor
    8:59 PM 12/03/2013

    At 4:32 in the video you can see a small blooper : Ireland 13 - 23 France

  • benjaj
    7:48 PM 12/03/2013

    Poor match, with a little bit of drama at the end. Concerning the Debaty shoulder strike or not, I think that was a good call by the referee. He put his shoulder and the weight difference did the rest. Even the TMO looked carefully and said that was nothing. It happens on every kick. I'm a little more sceptical about the french try, it seems to me that Picamoles scored in two times. Good to see that Paddy Jackson can delivered a fine performance. Heaslip proved that he is a great captain, despite what the critics said before the match. And please Gatland, put Murray on scrumhalf for the Lions tour! On French side, Picamoles is really impressive. He has made more metres (302), breaks (5) and beat more defenders (14) than any other player in this 6 Nations. I still don't understand why Saint Andrz put Michalak instead of Trinh Duc. Michalak had a bad tournament, while Trinh Duc really brought something against England. And what about the last action, when at 13-13 Michalak decided to make this horrible kick for nobody ? Keep the ball and wait for a penalty, or try a drop goal !

  • reality
    7:43 PM 12/03/2013

    God Ireland are setting new standards for ineffectiveness. 2 matches in a row against absolutely hapless opposition, where any other half-decent team would win comfortably, and they lose one and draw the other. Just awful. Having said that, are Steve Walsh and the TMO having a laugh at the end? That was the most case of taking a player out without the ball and therefore penalty and yellow card I've ever seen in my life.


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