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Monday May 12, 2008

'Freak' try from Rugby League Centenary Test

'Freak' try from Rugby League Centenary Test

Rugby League clips on Rugbydump are a thing of rarity, purely because we’re Rugby Union based. But, when the hit or the skill is of the level as was seen on the weekend, we think it’s only fair to share it with the rugby fraternity who expect, demand, and appreciate the type of raw brilliance that was shown by Greg Inglis for Australia.

In the Centenary Test between Australia and New Zealand in Sydney, Inglis fumbled a precise Johnathan Thurston cross kick, then leapt and hurled the ball back over his own head while in mid-air as he sailed over the dead ball line.

The ball landed in the waiting hands of Mark Gasnier, who touched down with centimetres to spare, leaving even the Melbourne Storm magician amazed with his feat.

“We didn’t know if it was a try or not,” Inglis recalled.

“I just thought ‘how the hell did I do that.

“It’s just one of those things you’ve got to have a crack at. I should have caught the ball in the first place.”

The lucky recipient of the pass said he knew immediately that it was a try, even if the video referee was called to adjudicate.

“I just treated it like a slips catch,” Gasnier said.

“I asked Greg if he’d landed and he said he didn’t so I knew it was a try.

“It’s probably the easiest try I’ve ever scored.”

The conversion kick was pretty damn special too.

Australia, in their Centenary celebration kit, won 28-12 .



  • larry
    1:17 AM 25/12/2015

    I've got a current law book, and am amazed once again about more law changes on hand in the coming year. "jackaling" might be outlawed. I don't know about more and more changes. I have a brilliant idea: go back to the laws as existed in 1991! Perhaps rugby would look again like rugby. As the writer Stephen Jones said in 1993, when all sorts of changes to law were made, "why change laws after a successful WC?" in regards to the 1991WC.


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