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Monday Oct 5, 2009

Jonny Wilkinson, The Real Story documentary - Parts 1-4

Jonny Wilkinson, The Real Story documentary - Parts 1-4

Jonny Wilkinson - The Real Story - Parts 1-4

This season weve seen the resurrection of a legend. By getting in great shape, being injury free, and moving to France, Jonny Wilkinson has set himself up to once again reach the heights he achieved early on in his career.

While over the years theres been no shortage of playing highlights, this 8 part documentary from earlier in Wilkinsons career provides us with a far more personal look at one of the biggest names in the sport.

The likes of Rob Andrew might claim to have been amongst the first to notice Wilkinson, but it all started way before that.

“He had good vision, good hands and all around ability,” according to Jonny’s first coach at Farnham RFC U8. “He was an inspiration,” his coach adds upon reminiscing about Wilkinson’s work ethic which was evident from a very young age.

It has not been by accident that Jonny Wilkinson’s name has been forever etched into the annals of rugby history. His precision distribution on attack and, perhaps even more so, his bone rattling tackling on defence are testament to the heights one can achieve through a commitment to oneself.

Even such snapshots of his brilliance as the legendary dropkick in 2003, and indeed all his ambidextrous kicking, are all built on hours and hours of hard work.

Join us in acknowledging one of rugby’s favourite sons; a dynamic character that, though he may humbly disagree, has claimed immortality for himself in the wonderful world of rugby.

Below are parts 1 to 4. Watch the rest by following this link to the next Wilko documentary post


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