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Friday Jan 29, 2016

Rugby Tactics: Try Analysis of Ulster's neatly executed score against Oyannax

Rugby Tactics: Try Analysis of Ulster's neatly executed score against Oyannax

This week we take a look at Rory Scholes’ score for Ulster in their Eight try demolition of Oyannax in the European Rugby Champions Cup. This is the same match in which Maurie Fa’asavalu demolished Ian Humphreys with a big tackle.

With eight tries there was plenty to choose from, but we decided to look at this try in particular as not only does it contain a look at a basic three pass counter attack system, but also affords us a chance to look at a series of decisions made by both Ulster in attack and importantly Oyannax in defence. Decision making is at the heart of Rugby.

Every player constantly makes quick decisions based on what they see as the game unfolds. Every decision impacts on their team and its ability to win the game, so it’s interesting to look at and understand how each decision made in this sequence, be it good or bad, leads to the try being scored.

As such we see the impact the failure to clear the lines has, how not trusting a player to make the tackle leads to Luke Marshalls free run and how Ulster’s player’s decisions off the ball split the poor Oyannax defence wide open.

Also worth understanding is there is nothing flash in the Ulster counter attack, no behind the back passes, no outrageous acts of skill, just great decision making and well executed basic skills, that directly relate to all those hours spent running 2vs1, or 3vs2 channel drills and building understanding between players.

We think this demonstrates the importance of practicing these skills and decision making drills over and over. So next time you’re stood there in the wind and rain doing the drill for the twentieth time that night, remember the impact it can have on winning or losing a game.

As always please feel free to leave feedback and comments in the section below. Let us know what you think of the videos and if there is anything you are keen for us to look at in more detail.

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