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Monday Sep 1, 2014

Rugby World Cup 2015 advert featuring rousing team talk from Charles Dance

Rugby World Cup 2015 advert featuring rousing team talk from Charles Dance

England Rugby 2015 launched the ticketing drive for next year’s Rugby World Cup today with an advert that features actor Charles Dance of Game of Thrones fame. More significantly, it also includes Test players from some of the competing nations.

The video features Dylan Hartley, George North and Andrea Masi as well as legends such as Martin Johnson, Serge Betsen and Sir Ian McGeechan mixed in with fans, mascots and referees.

It’s directed by Peter Cattaneo of Full Monty fame, and stars Dance, who himself is a big rugby fan.

It’s an impressive production, but sadly falls short without any key members of the best three teams in the world included, namely the World Champion All Blacks, the Springboks and the Wallabies. Logisitical reasons no doubt, but Ashley Johnson is there, who last played Test rugby in 2011, so perhaps they could have tracked down someone relevant to wear a black or yellow jersey.

Aside from that, there are some fascinating extras included, for example the Millennium Stadium groundsmen, Aston Villa and Leicester City mascots – representing two of the RWC 2015 match venues –  and Great Britain wheelchair rugby player Paul McDerby.

The world’s best 20 teams will compete in 48 matches, played at 13 venues up and down England (and Cardiff) with 1 million tickets going on general sale this month.

“Tickets are at a range of prices starting at £7 for children and £15 for adults and we look forward to welcoming everyone to the event next year,” said Debbie Jarvis, organising committee CEO. 

Tickets for RWC 2015 go on general sale Sep 12-29 at


  • rugbydump
    2:09 PM 03/09/2014

    We were wrong - clearly there is an All Black included in the advert:[screengrab]

  • connachtman
    1:14 PM 03/09/2014

    Ticket prices are much for bringing our game to the masses. Will be watching on TV3 ( also a shite irish non digital tv station)

  • colombes
    5:00 PM 02/09/2014

    Not very fond of this emotional or 'motivational' speech. but i just like the idea to include fans and volunteers in the event.

  • i_bleed_green_and_gold
    3:50 PM 02/09/2014

    that was terrible. lose the players, and changing room scene. keep the dialog if you must but as a back drop to montage of players training alone on the paddock and gym, vendors prepping their gear, ground staff prepping the lines, bar keeps working cuz it is a long way out. I still think the "world in union" sound track gets me more pumped for the world cup than any motivational speeches.

  • katman
    1:45 PM 02/09/2014

    Perhaps, but his heart will always be in the Shire.

  • upthelowend
    12:24 PM 02/09/2014

    ...he's still British

  • 10stonenumber10
    12:23 PM 02/09/2014

    There is one major upside to Rugby that wasn't really shown in the video. It doesn't matter what team you support... we are all going to be drinking the same beer, eating the same BBQ, in the same stadiums, pubs and hotels as everybody else. Rugby is a community, let's focus on finding an allegiance for the neutrals, getting as many fans to Canada vs Romania as we do for France vs Italy, or England vs Australia. I would like to see a High-Street restaurant cope with the Tongan team post training... in one sitting during the 2007 world cup they got through 30 Roast Chickens, 60lb of Beef, 60lb of lamb, 15kg pasts and 15kg of potatoes... I am tempted to send a CV to the IRB offering on-site 24/7 BBQ services to the teams... I'd take minimum wage as long as i got to eat!

  • stroudos
    9:46 AM 02/09/2014

    Am I really going to be the first person to say this is terrible?? God I hate stuff like this. All that "people from Newcastle, Brighton, Southend, etc" reminded me of Nick Clegg in the last general election debates, desperately trying to include everyone. The real lowlight here was the bit with the bloke from Milton Keynes, poor bar steward. This kind of speech has never done anything for me in real life either though. Maybe there's something wrong with me.

  • katman
    8:53 AM 02/09/2014

    Don't worry, we'll make a Southern Hemisphere version where Gandalf does the talking.

  • djhemz
    1:10 AM 02/09/2014

    Don't need our all black jersey or ozzy, wouldve been nice but i like the whole volunteers and non international players featuring. Asking the people for support!

  • reality
    8:20 PM 01/09/2014

    Paul Wallace appeared at 2.02. He works in England though.


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