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Monday Dec 3, 2012

Rugby World Cup 2015 Pool Allocation Draw - Live stream

Rugby World Cup 2015 Pool Allocation Draw - Live stream

*If the video above doesn’t play, you will need to install Silverlight

Today is the all important draw for the Rugby World Cup 2015 Pools. Above you will see a video box with a loop (before 14:15 GMT) of the RWC 2015 European road trip with the Webb Ellis Cup. Make sure it’s working, then view the schedule below.

From 14:54 GMT the stream will commence with a countdown. The main draw begins at 15:09 GMT, and the awards presentation takes place at 15:23 GMT. Full details and schedule below.

Schedule and timings for draw:  
14:54 Feed goes to clock countdown of 30 secs, then into live stream….
14.55 Welcome by MC and England Rugby 2015 Ambassador Will Greenwood
14.55 Welcome speeches
15.00 RWC 2015 promotional video
15.02 Explanation VT announcing the 12 directly qualified teams for RWC 2015
15.04 Explanation VT announcing the 8 remaining teams for RWC 2015
15.06 Announcement of IRB World Rankings as at December, 3 2012
15.09 Balls drawn for Band 5
15.10 Balls drawn for Band 4
15.12 Balls drawn for Band 3
15.13 Balls drawn for Band 2
15.15 Balls drawn for Band 1
15.17 Summary of all pools for RWC 2015
15.20 Q & A
15:23 Presentation of IRB Awards for 2012 – Team, Coach and Player of the Year
15:30 End of live stream

To receive advance information about Rugby World Cup 2015, including ticketing and volunteering updates, sign up to The Front Row at
All new and existing Front Row members will have the chance to enter a competition to win a pair of tickets to the opening match of RWC 2015 (UK residents only).



  • 8:02 PM 03/12/2012

    Agreed, or at the very least if the USA beats Scotland would qualify automatically for the next cup. Also, If the USA goes to pool B that would be Canada in Pool D, which likewise could actually be possible to advance in, providing at least a win over Italy. If you take into consideration the fact that either Chile, Uruguay, or Brazil could take the repechage and it could turn out to quite the RWC for Rugby in the Americas

  • 7:50 PM 03/12/2012

    Assuming everything pans out as I think it will, Pool A will be joined by Fiji and Russia Pool B will be joined by Japan and the USA Pool C will be joined by Georgia and Zimbabwe (as Namibia can't seem to get their sh*@ together and are stuck in the second division of the Africa Cup) Pool D will be joined by Canada and Romania Altogether pretty interesting when compared to the pools in 2011. However, given how these are almost exactly the same teams from 2011 and could well be the same teams depending on how the qualifiers play out, and given how Rugby is growing globally, I think there ought to be another 5 teams included to make up another pool. Fingers crossed for this being the format by the time Japan hosts?

  • spencah
    5:42 PM 03/12/2012

    Pool A: Australia, England, Wales, Oceania 1, play-off winner. Pool B: South Africa, Samoa, Scotland, Asia 1, Americas 2. Pool C: New Zealand, Argentina, Tonga, Europe 1, Africa 1. Pool D: France, Ireland, Italy, Americas 1, Europe 2.

  • hendogo
    5:27 PM 03/12/2012

    Pool A is brutal. England only can lose one game to quality for the knockout stages, and that's not going to be easy. Pool C is the easiest for the All Blacks. However, they would of beaten anybody in any pool to make the knockout stage anyway. USA should be in pool B with South Africa and Samoa which will give us a small chance to make the Knockout stages for the first time.

  • facepalm
    5:25 PM 03/12/2012

    Horrible draw for Scotland as well. Their game against Samoa will be absolutely brutal.

  • connachtman
    5:16 PM 03/12/2012

    Sweet draw for Ireland!!!!!

  • facepalm
    5:15 PM 03/12/2012

    Oh god. Horrible pool for England.

  • connachtman
    5:04 PM 03/12/2012

    Christ that Boris Johnson really is a tool ......


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