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Friday Dec 27, 2013

School of Hard Knocks 2013 - Episode 2

School of Hard Knocks 2013 - Episode 2

We recently posted the first episode of the 2013 edition of Sky Sports’ School of Hard Knocks, which this year is based in Scotland. Today here is a look at episode two, which features a meeting and talk with an inspirational former marine who gives the boys a new perspective on life.

Chris Chudleigh then leads the guys on a brutal army style teambuilding day that tests not only their natural fitness, but their teamwork and temperament too.

As always, it’s a fantastic show and well worth watching. We’ll post the next episode soon.

Learn more about and follow the charity at and @SOHKCharity


  • tavish
    1:53 AM 10/01/2014

    Where's episode 3? (And 4!) ;) This series is brilliant!


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