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Tuesday Sep 2, 2014

The Top 5 Australian Rugby Lookalikes of all time

The Top 5 Australian Rugby Lookalikes of all time

Everyone loves a good lookalike, so the guys at Rugby HQ put together their selection of the Top 5 in Australian rugby. Actor Michael Rapaport comes to mind whenever Kieran Read is interviewed, but who has the most spot on doppelganger in your opinion? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • wasps2207
    1:10 PM 03/09/2014

    Jonathan Davies (pundit) and Nigel Owens the referee are freakily identical.

  • upthelowend
    11:06 AM 03/09/2014

    Hmm not sure about that one... what about SBW and Channing Tatum?

  • getitout
    1:32 AM 03/09/2014

    Always thought Aaron Cruden is the spitting image of Eminem...

  • stroudos
    8:43 PM 02/09/2014

    Neil Jenkins = Sloth off the Goonies

  • 10stonenumber10
    7:25 PM 02/09/2014

    Nick Easter - Minty from Eastenders

  • eddie-g
    7:18 PM 02/09/2014

    One obvious one is James O'Connor and Bieber. Mike Phillips is one of a set of triplets, with Jimmy Anderson and Grigor Dimitrov. Always thought Sean Maloney himself had some Scott Quinnell going on. But for best doppelganger there's really no contest in the end... Matt Tait is a dead ringer for Harry Potter, I mean Daniel Radcliffe.

  • katman
    6:22 PM 02/09/2014

    Percy Montgomery and Johnny Bravo.


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